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Muslim women appear today more dazzling and Modern

Fashion is not a fixed element. It always keeps on changing with time. A few years back muslim women were restrictive so far as their choice of dressing style is concerned. A lot of women from the non-Muslim community felt loath to wear Muslim dresses as they think that the clothes are rigid, dull and gloomy. But, with the advent of modest fashion in the Muslimah fashion industry, a great revolutionary change took place in the fashion trend of the Islamic dressing style. Today, the modern generation Islamic community women love to put on modest attires and appear modern yet maintaining modesty. They believe that wearing loose long clothes covering the body is not a symbol of oppression, but, it is in a way giving respect to the Islamic religious values. The modest dressing trend has reshaped the Muslimah dressing style.
The Muslim fashion designers have redesigned the dresses of the Islamic ladies. In recent times, modest Muslim clothes allow Islamic women to parade their gorgeous appearance and exhibit their beauty in a unique way. With diversity in the dressing style, the Muslimah community women are now able to showcase their beauty and fashion with fashionable modest dressing items.
It is believed that Muslimah women once had minimum opportunity to appear modern. But, with the increasing women empowerment, the Islamic ladies have become conscious about the fashion chic. They prefer to choose modest apparels that can add gorgeousness to their beauty. The present era fashion style of the Muslim ladies is challenging the western fashion style. The fashion trend has even attracted women of non-Muslim community.
Many big brands have seemed to hire Muslim modelers with hijab wears to promote and sell their products. Nike, a renowned US company has recently launched a sportswear. The sportswears that come with unique design are mostly suitable for Islamic community ladies who want to cover their hair. Hence, the modest attires offer a choice of wide array of dressing style that can meet the fashion requirements of the Islamic ladies.
However, a consequent change is being noticed in the Muslimah fashion style in the past few years. But, the fact that still knocks in mind whenever the discussion comes about the Islamic women is the absence of the peace factor in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and Jordan. The Middle-Eastern countries have been found to fetch a huge trouble due to constant conflicts in those areas.
In order to give voice to the suppressed people and create a peaceful environment, Johan Galtung introduced a new reform movement termed as peace journalism. The major aim of this brand of journalism is to minimize the social tension mainly between the westerns and Islamic nations. It comprises of journalists, academics and activists.
The new brand of journalism examines conflicts, takes care of all dimensions and discovers possible hidden agendas. But, mainly it upholds the notion of peace, thus giving an opportunity to voice underprivileged. Goltune News is practicing this concept of journalism and is continually publishing stories and news about the muslim women fashion, their culture, beauty and makeup.


Muslim Women & their variety in fashion style

Muslim ladies and their modest dressing style have captured the attention of westerns. The modest clothes that come with a variety of fashion chic are designed with a perfect blend of modesty and modernity.


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