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Hijab can be exotic, provocative, impressive, oppressive, limiting, or self-proclaimed commitment to one’s faith. To many Muslim women, hijab and modesty is a way of life. These women have decided to observe their faith with their special signature, their modesty. And, like all women all around the world, Muslim women want to be beautiful and fashionable even while they cover. Why not!

In Goltune, we want to show and tell the story of women who are Muslim, or traditionally Muslim, or culturally Muslim or a Muslim of any kind. We tell their stories through peace journalism.

Peace and prosperity are privileges we can enjoy in the West. Many people in the Middle East, such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and many other countries in that region do not see much of the peace and prosperity. Their everyday life is caught up with wars, conflicts, extremism, and political Islam. For many of Middle Easterners, peace is a goal they want to achieve so badly.

Peace is not the opposite of war. Peace is the way of life. Only in peace people are able to feel safe and secure, they can think and “be,” they can become “better,” to feel closer to their inner good, to be closer to their faith and wisdom. War is chaotic, violent, brutal, and unjust. But peace is none of those, and much more in good side of human nature.

Gol in Farsi and Turkish means “flower.” Goltune is our way to say “stay tuned with fashion and beauty.”

Our mission in Goltune is to show that Muslim communities are beautiful, proud, engaging and open societies. We want to reduce tension between Islamic and Western civilizations by writing about women and fashion.

Please stay tuned with Goltune!


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