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What Is Halal Expo and What Happens There?

Courtesy of Malaysia International Halal Showcase.


Halal Expo is the largest and most complete annual tradeshow where manufacturers, importers, businesses, organizations, service providers and distributors of the Halal Industry showcase their products.


What exactly is the Halal Expo?

The tradeshow highlights Halal food, products, modest fashion, Halal banking and financial services and other products connected to the Halal lifestyle.


Modest Fashion at Halal Expo

modest fashion, halal expo, goltuneThe modest fashion market is a booming multi-billion-dollar industry. The industry, as a whole, is led by powerful creative women, Muslims and non-Muslims.

In the last few years modest fashion has been met with tremendous success worldwide. One such startup is run by two young female entrepreneurs Franka Soeria from Jakarta and Ozlem Sahin from Istanbul. They have evolved the modest fashion into a global modest fashion event series. The women founders have attracted the world’s attention from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, US and Africa.

The modest fashion is one of the key component of every Halal Expo, to showcase power, beauty and market of this segmented fashion industry.


Halal Makeup

Halal cosmetics, halal makeup, halal expo, goltuneHalal makeup brands have a strong presence at Halal expos.

The trend has less to do with religion than it does with good health, kindness, ethical and responsible consumerism, and conscious living toward oneself and other living creatures.

Fair Squared, a Cologne-based firm in Germany participates in Halal expos. They sell natural and Halal cosmetic products primarily online, but also in fair trade shops, pharmacies and selected drugstores. “We use only raw materials from fair-trade sources, and in 2018 succeeded in growing our sales by a further 25 percent to 1.5 million euros,” said CEO Oliver Gothe.

In cosmetic products, the “Halal” label is seldom seen on its own. It generally appears in conjunction with “vegan” labels, “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” claims and assurances of sustainability. More and more small and medium businesses are moving into these niches and selling their products online.

There are many newly established companies operating under the “back to nature” banner, developing products designed to appeal to both vegans and Muslims. One innovation in this area is a skincare line made of coffee oil extracted from used coffee grounds.


Halal Food

halal food, halal expo, goltuneAs more people recognize their role in protecting the other life on earth, Halal-certified products have grown in appeal. One reason for their success is that 44% of Americans consider these foods more humane than those raised without such standards. For example, farmers must raise all animals used for meat without antibiotics or growth hormones, keep them free from abuse, feed them a vegetarian diet and give them ample room to roam.

More than 42 % of Americans also consider these foods fresher and healthier, which could benefit the human animal. Unprocessed, whole foods contain a wider array of nutrients that can help repair deficiencies that often occur in the modern diet, thanks to reliance on overly processed meals and addiction. Such diets aid in the detoxification process and the added element of a spiritual component can make a psychological impact on some individuals.

There is no shortage of Halal-certified food and at Halal expos.


Business Transactions at Halal Expo

halal business, halal food, halal expo, goltuneHalal expo serves as a platform for innovation for new Halal businesses in all industries. It provides an excellent opportunity for Muslim entrepreneurs to get access to worldwide resources. By attending this event, companies can reach new markets and grow their customer base while showcasing their product or services and offering them competitive pricing.

Halal expo offers networking opportunities and allows businesses to meet like-minded people who share similar values and ideas.


What is the Relationships Between Halal Expo and Halal Travel?

halal travel, halal expo, goltuneHalal Expo is an event that brings together exhibitors from all aspects of the Halal industry and Muslim lifestyle. This includes hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, shopping outlets, and even transport options.

Halal Expo provides Muslim travelers with opportunities to explore destinations they might have never experienced before by introducing them to exciting travel packages that are tailored to fit their needs. This is great news for Muslims as they will now be able to book airfare, accommodation, activities and tours without compromising on their values and beliefs.

Many exhibitors at Halal expo promote Muslim friendly travel packages which could potentially open up some great opportunities for people looking to explore parts of the world which may not have been accessible before due to restrictions on traditional travel packages. The rise of the Halal economy combined with the success of Halal Expo events gives Muslim travelers more choice when selecting a destination, making it easier for them to find places where they can be comfortable.

However, Halal travel attracts non-Muslims as well. Marketing specialist Rebecca Widrig, the manager in charge of German-speaking Europe, explains: “Non-Muslims also use our platform, mainly because they like the female and family-friendly facilities on offer. Many are looking for vacations in quiet, private settings. Our marketing does not actually target non-Muslims, but we do get bookings from this group because they value the service and support they get from us.”

In short, Halal Expo and Halal Travel go hand in hand to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all Muslim travelers. By attending the expo, visitors can get an in-depth look at what the industry has to offer and make the most of their journey.

Halal Expos often host cooking demonstrations to teach people how to cook traditional dishes such as biryani and tandoori chicken. Attendees will be able to gain access to exclusive deals on Muslim travel packages and accommodations. Participating vendors often run competitions or giveaways for attendees to take part in, providing them with valuable gifts or discounts.


What are the Benefits of Attending the Halal Expo?

halal travel, halal expo, goltuneAt the Halal Expo, you can expect to find the latest in modest fashion, Halal food, and Halal makeup. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore different vendors and products that reflect your religious values. By attending this event, you will get an understanding of the current trends in the Halal industry and be able to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Halal Expo provides a great platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. Businesses can also take advantage of workshops and seminars organized by experts in the field of Halal commerce. This allows them to gain valuable insight into the world of Halal products and services, as well as expand their customer base.

Attending Halal Expo is a great way to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the Halal economy. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their products and services, as well as build relationships within the industry. It is a great way to get involved in this growing industry and tap into a large consumer base.


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