7 Halal Food to Eat to Lose Weight

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Summary: There are the seven halal foods you can eat without worrying to gain weight. But eat with moderation please.

Writer: Patterson, blogger for Fall for Fishing

  1. Chapati

Chapatis are eaten by many Muslims all across the world. Made out of wheat, chapatis can be accompanied by halal sauce such as peanut sauce or olive oil. You can also roll them around halal meats or steamed and spiced vegetables. You can also wrap the meat with ice-burg lettuce and eat it with chapatis for a good low-carbohydrate diet.


2. Stuffed Vegetables

Stuffed vegetables can be served in bulk as a meal or as snacks. Either way, this halal meal comprising of foods such as zucchini, potatoes or tomatoes stuffed with halal meats or almonds just to mention a few, is a good weight loss dish. Stuffed portions can be either roasted or steamed.




3. Whole eggs

Whole eggs are among the most weight loss friendly halal foods in the world. Whole eggs do not have as much cholesterol as other eggs do hence making them an ideal weight loss diet. However, do not consume them as regularly as this hinders proper ingestion of all the ingredients resulting in accumulation of the small amounts of cholesterol they have.

4. Beans

These are among the most underrated foods in the world right now. Needless to say, proper pulses such as fava beans and lentils are not only halal but also help in boosting calorie and burning fats. Eating 3 cups of beans or lentils per week can also help quadruple your weight loss.



5. Nuts and Seeds

 Nuts and seeds have a wealth of healthy benefits. They are not only a good source of protein but also help prevent diseases such as dementia, diabetes, and heart attacks. Seeing that they have little cholesterol, they are a perfect halal snack for losing weight.



6. Fish

Fish such as salmon offer a wide range of nutrients that not only help you lose weight but build your new body efficiently. Fish are low in cholesterol and fats, have omega-3 oils, and have a wide range of vitamins required every day by humans and animals as well. If skeptical about the fish at the market, get a braided fishing line and catch some fish for a nutritious halal meal.

7. Chicken

All halal food has to follow a certain set of rules during preparation in order for it to be certified for consumption. Halal chicken is specially prepared to give you high proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals that help you not only lose weight but reduce your risk of cancer and control your blood pressure.



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