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Alefba Group Brings the Message of Iranian Feminine Balance


alefba group


More than 50 volunteers at Alefba Group are working together to create the Iranian Cultural Showcase, a special program at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle on Saturday, May 27 between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m., at Bagley Wright Theatre.

The festival focuses on a special theme every year. Lagom, or balance in the Swedish language, is this year’s theme.

“It is the same theme we’ve designed to show the rich culture of Iran,” said Afshin Sepehri, President of Alefba Group. “With the fight that Iranian people have started to balance their life against the theocracy, women have taken the uprising in their own hands to balance life for all Iranians.”

There are going to be more than three dance performances on the stage. Four bands will play songs from Iran’s past and present. The Alefba Choir will appear twice, and Seattle and Isfahan Sister Cities Advocacy, or SISCA, will present modern Iran via talks and slide shows.

“We aim to showcase Iran’s past and present to break down barriers between cultures,” said Sepehri. “We want to show our American audience that the people of Iran want an ordinary life, just like us in the US.”

The Seattle-based festival attracts more than 6000 performances on 20 different stages, delivering more than 200 food and crafts stations. Around 500 volunteers participate to make sure the festival goes smoothly.

Countries showcasing their cultures and heritage at the event include Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Macedonia, Croatia, and a few others. Attendees can participate in dance and music workshops, Storytime, listening sessions, and much more.

Since its inauguration in 2019, Alefba Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the Iranian and Persian culture, participated in the Northwest Folklife Festival. This year is a special edition for Alefba Group due to Iran’s new uprising. “We want to demystify the Iranian culture and tell our stories of resilience and survival through dance, music, and storytelling,” Sepehri said.

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