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Uniqlo Reaches out to Taiwan Muslims

Taiwan Muslims
Photo courtesy of Hana Tajima’s blog. “The dog days of summer,”

Months after Uniqlo launched their clothing line of hijabs, The News Lens has reported on how Muslim women in Taiwan have reacted to the brand.

Uniqlo’s launch of their clothing line for Muslim women has been received well in Taiwan, a country with more than 200,000 Muslim people. The clothing line was designed by Hana Tajima, and the launch has expanded options for where Taiwanese Muslims can buy a hijab, according to a Chinese Muslim Association spokesperson.

Prior to Uniqlo’s clothing line launch, many Muslims in Taiwan had trouble finding stores that had a variety of styles, and many women had to wear single-color outfits. Uniqlo has provided more colorful options.

There are still issues with the brands though, mainly the fact that the price still excludes many people from purchasing the brands. Individual items from the collection are priced anywhere from NT$390 to NT$1,990, while a full outfit may cost more than NT$3,000.

Though, there are still many positives. Migrant Park, a Chinese-language website that focuses on migrant issues in Taiwan, said in a recent report that Uniqlo’s recent launch is helping create a meaningful dialogue between cultures.


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