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Muslim Model Mariah Idrissi Signs to Major Modelling Agency


photo courtesy of H & M

Main point: Mariah Idrissi, 24, is first hijabi model to sign to major modeling agency

Source: Daily Mail

Writer: Keiligh Baker

Mariah Idrissi is not your typical model. Not because she wears a head scarf and not because she is an openly practising Muslim –  but because she has opinions and goals which she is not afraid to talk about.

In person she’s smaller than one might expect from a model – and of  course, she is very beautiful, with perfect skin, pouty lips and large brown eyes.

She would not have become the first Muslim model to wear a hijab in a major fashion campaign otherwise.

But Mariah has opinions – plenty of them – and she is refreshingly forthright about what she says as her mission to bring modest fashion to the masses – regardless of religion.

‘I want to bridge that gap between east and west,’ she tells MailOnline.

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