Muslim Miss Universe contestant Wears Kaftan in swimsuit round

photo curtsey of Metro, UK-based publication, showing Muna Jama, First Muslim Miss Universe contestant to wear kaftan instead of swimsuit

Muna Jama, a Muslim woman competing in the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant, has become the first woman wearing kaftan instead of swimsuit.

Source: Britain publications

Curator: Sara Jamshidi

Jama, 27, was invited to the finals of the competition when the pageant organizers agreed that she could “wear a cover up if she chose,” according to Independent newspaper.

The Muslim campaigner was inspired to apply for Miss Universe GB, the UK qualifier for the world famous Miss Universe pageant two years ago. But she decided never to go back to the rehearsal after she received a letter inviting her to take part at the pageant.

“I wouldn’t wear a bikini to a beach, so I’, not going to wear one in a competition to score points,” she said in an interview.

Jama is a co-founder of a start-up tackling illegal migration and child abuse in East Africa. Her volunteer work with children in the region last year encouraged her to think once more about taking part in Miss Universe GB. She hoped that the high profile platform of the pageant would allow her to raise awareness of causes close to her heart – in particular the suffering of children caught up in the migrant crisis, Metro digital services reports.

photo curtsey of Muna Jama’s Instagram page


She asked the organizer to make a concession, excusing her from wearing swimsuit, and it worked.On her Instagram feed, she posted, “This moment has proved that I am capable of almost anything I set my mind to and limitations is a status waiting to be changed. I thank everyone who stood beside me and believed in my vision.”