Steve Slocum: an American Author Who Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Muslims and non-Muslims

Steve Slocum, author of Why Do They Hate Us? second from left.


Show Notes: Steve Slocum is an author, peace activist and founder of Salaam USA. His book, Why Do They Hate Us, focuses on building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims. He promotes the message of developing peaceful relations with the Muslim world and promoting Islam’s peaceful message that is often lost in the mainstream media’s narrative. Steve talks to Sara Jamshidi on the Peacemindedly podcast about how he won the Muslim community’s respect as a non-Muslim American man.


Steve Slocum

Why Do They Hate Us? Making Peace with the Muslim World

Salaam USA (non-profit organization that Slocum runs)

Why Islamophobia Matters to Everyone (Slocum talks at Muslim Community Center in California)

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Interview with Steve Slocum for Peacemindedly Podcast



Steve Slocum quotes:



YouTube Raw Footage of  the Conversation between Steve Slocum and Sara Jamshidi for Peacemindedly Podcast




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