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Islamic Fashion Defines Modesty & Fashion in a Unique Way

There is an increased interest in the islamic fashion in the global market. According to the Tamara Hostal, the director of the French fashion University, 1.6 billion Muslims are spending around $120 billion on modest clothing’s a year. The fashion is in fact changing from time to time. It exposes the true identity of a religion and culture. The Muslim culture is clearly demarcated through their traditional dressing style. Both Men and women of the Muslim community need to follow the guidelines of Islam. However, whatever may be the fashion style, the main thing is Muslim men and women need to dress modestly.

It is obvious that Muslim fashion offers diversity. It reflects fashion that is cutting-edge yet abided by cultural aspirations.

The Islamic fashion is not about making money. It is all about spreading a message along with upholding their distinct identity. The Muslimah fashion industry marked its new beginning in the global market with the inflow of modest fashion. It gave a new definition to the islamic dressing style.

The Islamic fashion getting more creative:

According to Suhail, the young Muslim girls are putting on western clothing’s in a layered manner to stay modest yet keeping up with the trend. He believes that Muslimah fashion is not limited now within the traditional attires. They are designed to give a modern appearance along with maintaining the Islamic religious values.

There are various fashion week shows organized to exhibit the latest fashion chic of the Muslimah fashion style. Indeed, the fashion style for the Islamic women has completely changed in the modern times. A lot of fashionable modest clothing outfits are available in the Global market. The San Francisco exhibition is the best to convey the change in the changing trend of Islamic fashion.

The Muslim fashion designers have used their creativity to give a new shape to the traditional costumes of the Muslim ladies. The San Francisco fashion show clearly highlighted the prolific work of Muslimah fashion designers. In reality, the western fashion includes body-fitting garments. Whereas, the Muslim fashion consists of loose long sleeved clothing’s designed with beautiful colours and fabrics.

As per the point of view of Suhail, “Modesty is something that is not a hard thing to attain. One needs to take care to redraw the proportion of the body. It should be in such a manner that the cuts are not the hour glass, but mostly A-line”.

However, this new trend of fashion chic was started with a new generation of fashion designers from Middle-Eastern & South East Asian countries. They have fused excellently modernity with eastern styles. In the modern era, the wardrobe of the Muslim community women is filled with fashionable modest vibrant colour attires.

There is a huge demand for modest clothing’s in the fashion world. It has influenced the women of both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The modest clothes have created their niche in the global market. Each and every modest clothes comes with latest-ready-to-wear designs. It will help an Islamic woman to get a modern look yet preserve faith in Islamic religion.

The discussion will be incomplete without hijabs. The fashion style of hijab has also changed significantly. There are wide varieties of hijab available in different colours and patterns to suit fashion requirements of the Muslim women. To explore more news and stories about Islamic fashion, visit Goltune News.