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Chat with Amal Al Raisi in London Modest Fashion Festival

Amal Al Raissi on the right and 2 designs of her collection at the Modest Fashion Festival

 In an interview with Goltune, Omani modest fashion designer Amal Al Raisi, talks about her journey from her local flag shop to an international luxury conference.

written by Tal Imagor

Al Raisi caught up with Goltune just minutes before showcasing her luxury collection on the catwalk of the first Modest Fashion Festival in London. She was one of the seven designers participating that night in the gala event, that took place in the Grosvenor House Hotel.

Amal Al Raisi design. Photo by David Jensen

Al Raisi started her brand 10 years ago, with just one store in Oman, but has since made a name for herself in the modest fashion world.

“I always try to lift the bar,” She says and reveals that she has plans on expanding her brand on a global scale.

There’s already evidence of that expansion happening in the form of her more recognizable clients – from royalty, such as HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein (Wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai), to Bollywood actresses, such as Ilean D’Cruz, to social media influencers including Summer Al Barcha, Desirainrops and Zahraosea.

When asked about modest fashion becoming a trend, Raisi agrees, but adds “this is putting a lot of focus on Arab and Muslim designers. And I think this is their time to shine bright and to show the world what they have.”


Goltune: Hi, I’m Tal from Goltune, and I’m here with Amal Al Raisi in London Modest Fashion Festival. We’re talking about how she’s a great designer for 10 years now.

Al Raisi: Thank you

Goltune: And want to hear all about it. So how about you just start telling me a little bit of your journey.

Al Raisi: I started, you know, 10 years ago. I was concentrating on the local market and two years back I that it was about time for me to cross the borders and move outside Muscat and Oman. So I started to rebrand, I created a ready-to-wear line. Each ready-to-wear line is followed by a capsule line. And from two years back, selling only in my flagship store in Muscat, all around the middle region right now. And did Torino Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and I’m in London now. I was a speaker at Conde Nast with Suzy Menkes and that’s one of the biggest achievements. Yeah, it’s been a good year.

Goltune: I wanted to talk about Torino Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, how was that for you? That’s a big thing

Al Raisi: That’s an amazing experience. It’s was one of the best experiences and it added a lot to my journey, and we’re opening up doors to more things to come in the future.

Goltune: And what’s planned in the future?

Al Raisi: Well, we do have a few thing coming up. But for now, this fashion festival is the last for the season. And then we’ll be working on some other things.

Goltune: Are you looking to go globally?

Al Raisi: Yes. Definitely looking forward to it.

Goltune: Do you have any specific plans? Do you want to go into specific stores?

Al Raisi: We’re trying to knock on doors everywhere. And hopefully, soon we’ll have some big department stores internationally.

Goltune: What were your biggest challenges that you can think of with this brand?

Al Raisi: Every time there’s a different challenge, because every time you want to do something bigger, something different and the obstacles grow bigger as well, you know? I always try to lift the bar, I always try to improve. And with every improvement, with every elevation there are more challenges. So it keeps on going on, but if you really love your job, I think you don’t make any mistakes.

Goltune: What do you think about the fast that modest fashion is kind of trendy right now?

Al Raisi: Yeah, it is becoming a trend. And this is putting a lot of focus on Arab and Muslim designers. And I think this is their time to shine bright and to show the world what they have.

Goltune: Do you feel that it’s helping you?

Al Raisi: It’s definitely helping. It’s definitely helping, because this has given us, designers from our part of the world the chance to be in the spotlight, and to show the world what we have.

Goltune: Do you feel that it’s just going to get bigger? Or it’s something that because it’s trendy, it’s more seasonal?

Al Raisi: No, I think that the designer has to be smart enough to let the world know what abilities they have. And once you get the attention and always working hard on improving, then there won’t be any questions – You’ll succeed everywhere you go.

Goltune: So hopefully we’re going to see a lot more of you

Al Raisi: Thank you

Goltune: I really think that we will. Good luck.

Al Raisi: Thank you, thank you very much

Goltune: And thank you for being with us. This was Goltune, I’m Tal, this is Amal Al Raisi, Thank you.

Amal Al Raissi’s designs at the Modest Fashion Festival – London. photo by David Jensen.