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A Trends that Revolving around Eye Makeup for Muslim Women

Woman applying mascara

Summary: beautiful eye makeup can highlight beauty of a contemporary look

A well-done traditional Arabic makeup is widely recognized for its dramatic look as well as its natural accentuating effect especially when paired with a matching hijab. Besides, makeup has become a necessity to a modern look that Muslim women are embracing the idea of these contemporary beauty enhancers.

Typically, a regular Arabic makeup look comprises several complementary and unique baseline eye-shadows, pairing and blending over layers to give that vibrant look. It is mainly meant to emphasize the lips, eyes, cheekbones, and nose, consequently draws more attention to some of the strong beauty points of a woman’s face.

Eye Makeup for Muslim Women – The Highlights

Eye Makeup

Although there are different approaches that women use to make an eye makeup, Muslim women, all over the world, make good use of an eyeliner complemented by an eye-shadow. The eyeliner is used to create a dramatic contrast against the eye-shadow. a good brown pencil can do the trick to create an arched/ thickened brows for accentuated look. However, the final look takes some practice and skill to create and, of course, you will need a pretty steady hand to draw the contours without any stutters. Apart from that, a good taste of color always comes in handy, particularly, when it comes down to blending several colors to bring out that stunning look.

A Brief Look at How Muslim Women Apply Eye Makeup

That being said, there are several tips that come in handy when you are looking to emphasize that ‘exotic Middle Eastern Look’. Here is a quick primer.


1- Always begin with the eyelids. It’s common to first pick a good base eye-shadow color. And specifically for that gorgeous eye makeup look, you will be better served if you chose a shade that is slightly luminous or glistening. The eye-shadow should go to the top of your eyelids and upper last line.

2- After this, be sure to emphasize the shape of your eyes with a dark eye pencil by doing slight strokes on the eye-shadow base. Next, extend the lines outwards towards the outer area of your eyes whilst concentrating on making a wing shape. Finish off by applying an appropriate light sparkling color that goes all the way to the middle part of the brow.

3- For those who are looking to really stand out, you can polish this look by applying a white of cream-colored eye-shadow to emphasize your eyes even more.

4- After this, most Muslim girls will prefer to underline the look by adding an extra layer of dark-colored eye pencil on the upper eyelids.

Although this one is not exactly recommended to all as it borders a little from contemporary modest Islamic culture, a good number of Muslim women who take pride in their Arabic roots will touch the look by several coats of Mascara. The best, in such a scenario, is black or dark-colored one which goes hand-in-hand with a black/dark liquid eye liner to emphasize that wing shape.