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10 Beauty and Fashion Must Haves for the Eid


The Eid al-Fitr is next week. Are you ready? Let us give you 10 quick suggestions for looking gorgeous in your parties.

About a month ago, Muslims were preparing for the beginning of Ramadan. Now, we are getting ready for Eid.

I love the when I go to shop for Eid dresses, shoes and jewelry. I make trips to beauty salons for facials , manicure pedicure, and of course, henna. Eid is incomplete without henna. The night before Eid is usually a sleepless night for me since I am usually busy cooking Sheer khurma , a sweet dish famous in the households of the sub-continent.

There are lots of lots of cooking, washing, and serving that come with the excitement of Eid. As a homemaker, I completely understand the dilemma of multitasking during the days of this holy festival. However, I do not want us to forget ourselves. I came up with 10 must have’s beauty and Fashion ideas for all the busy ladies.


nail'file It might sound boring but trust me, this is your best friend. You may never know when your nail chips while doing work. Once you get a chipped nail, it will bother you the whole time. I always keep one of each in my kitchen drawer, purse and bedroom.



bracelet-bangleBangle/Bracelet- I personally feel wearing dozens of bangles isn’t practical when I have to spend much of my time in the kitchen but I also never want to leave my wrists bare, therefor, single bangles or bracelets is my go-to jewelry. I prefer silvers and golds bangle instead of glass ones because they are sturdy and the lovely detailing on them looks so elegant.

hydratingsprayKeep this gem as handy as possible. Nothing feels good than the splash of water on a tired skin. By hydrating skin, not only will it give a refreshing feel but at the same time nourishes the skin giving it the glow you need on Eid.



scarfpinsOne can’t have enough of scarf pins especially when you are a hijabi, like myself. Pin up that dupatta (a piece of fabric, bigger than scarf) or scarf so it doesn’t come in the way when doing important chores, this will keep your stylish draped scarves in place the whole day. Invest in black and white pins, they easily blend with other colors.


artificial tattooWomen from the Middle East are so much into artificial tattoos during the Eid. Tatoos are easy to apply, looks stylish and best part is, they are temporary which means you can remove them in an instant. This is the best option when you do not have time to sit in beauty salons for henna application.


underscarf capsNo time to drape scarf? No worries, having one under-scarf cap that is pleated or printed will take your hijab intact.




silverscarfIf I didn’t learned anything for being hijabi for years, I mastered to have one silver and one gold scarf in my collection. Each dress color will match either of these two. Eid is all about flaunting your best looks and I surely will rock this silver scarf. You can be as creative as you want, wear it alone or blend with any other colors of scarves.


silver-goldenshoesEid is all about glitters and sparkles specially among women and children. Having a pair of either gold or silver shoes not only will brighten your shoe collection but will also save you from the agony of searching the perfect match for your Eid dress. Whether it is Abaya that you are wearing or a nice fancy dress, these shades will work just fine.


clutchOn Eid, we like to dress up formally. It has to be different than what we wear casually, at least in the UAE where I live. So our dress-choice, clutch is one thing we ladies opt for. I like to have clutches in bronze, silvers and rose golds. clutches are the best options when in parties, as carrying them is easy and light and they go well with Abayas too.


eyeshadowOn days when I do not have time to go through the whole process of doing makeup, my best practice is to dab a bronze or light gold shimmery shade on my lids using fingers. They instantly brighten my eyes making me look awake. Guess how long this process takes? 5 seconds!!



Eid Mubarak