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Two Jewish Sisters’ Startup Modest Fashion Label Is Gaining Momentum

Photo credit: Project 6 Facebook page.  Chaya and Shandy are two sisters with passion for modest fashion

Two Jewish sisters are dedicated theil line to modest fashion clothes.

Two Jewish sisters from New York launched their first fashion label in Feb. 2015. The line was dedicated to women who want to show less skin, more style, and fashionable looking.

In this story, you’ll read:

“I want to show women that it’s not about displaying their bodies to the world, but rather presenting the viewers with a beautiful story.

“We aren’t specifically making modest clothing as defined by religious standards, but most of our pieces happen to be in-line with the rules of modesty,”

“You learn in college that … you will have to take hard risks, you will make mistakes, and you will have to deal with crises. But no one tells you that you will also grow as a person tremendously.”

The story was originally published on Miami Herald.

Writer: Nancy Dahlberg

This sister-sister fashion team Chaya Rockford and Shaindy Backer are changing the image of modest clothing. Their fashion-forward clothing line, Project 6, is both stylish and demure, striking a chord with buyers in the U.S. and beyond.

Shaindy, 35, and Chaya, 29, grew up as two of seven siblings in a traditional Orthodox Jewish home. Their parents fostered an entrepreneurial spirit in their children and encouraged them to forge their own paths. For Shaindy, that meant studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, while balancing a demanding family life. Chaya attended Lander College of Arts and Sciences, a division of Touro College, to study math and business in the hopes of running her own business.

Shaindy, a mother of five, had already started an accessory line, and her products were selling in Henri Bendel, Forever 21, Anthropologie and Nordstrom. When she was ready for her next “project,” which would be the fashion startup Project 6, she asked her business minded sister, who was finishing her studies at Touro, to join her.

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