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Peacemindedly: a podcast celebrating peace journalism

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A new podcast show focusing on uplifting stories and ideas that promote peace will launch April 21, producer Sara Jamshidi announced today.

Jamshidi is an Iranian-American journalist and former radio producer for Wisconsin Public Radio. She is launching a podcast show called Peacemindedly. The show will explore peace, kindness and compassion featuring peace activists, peace makers and peace-game-changes.

At a time when the news is dominated by updates about the novel Coronavirus and other depressing news in the United States and around the world, Jamshidi wants to share stories that inspire hope and connection.

Peaceful bridge makers

Peacemindedly podcast is a 2-month pilot program to be livestreamed on  Facebook and LinkedIn on every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 PM. The same episode will be available on Peacemindedly podcast later that day. You can listen to the episodes on iTune, Google Play or anywhere you get your podcast shows.

Jamshidi is an award-winning international journalist and publisher of Goltune News, an online news magazine covering ethical, peaceful, and sustainable lifestyle and leadership.

Jamshidi has lived and worked in both Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Her experience in covering news from around the world has provided her an with an acute awareness of the differences in beliefs and ideas that separate cultures, and also allowed her to see the many similarities, such as love of family and life in general that bring them together.

Jamshidi was a child during the Tehran revolution of 1979. She found her place in this counterrevolution early in life as a journalist and began to write about women’s issues in Iran. She worked with Iran’s reform party and with fellow journalists to expose the injustice, eventually leading to changes that overturned child custody and property laws that stifled women’s basic rights.

Peacemindedly is an extension of her journalism experience where she invites listeners to seek peace and practice compassion for themselves and others. Some of her first guests include Zainab Salbi, peace activist and founder of Women for Women International, Laleh Bakhtiar, first woman translated the Quran to English: The Sublime Quran, Yvonne Maffei, Muslim chef and author of My Halal Kitchen,  Steve Slocum, peace activist and writer of Why Do They Hate US, and Lauren Marshal, Jewish-American playwright and director for Abraham’s Land.

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