Lara Sanderson: From Politics to Yogi Healer

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Show Note: Lara Sanderson is a yogi healer. Before dedicating her time to studying yoga full time, Lara worked in the private sector, for non-profit organizations and politics. She graduated summa cum laude in politics from Seattle University, and was named “Kennedy Scholar” for her outstanding academic work. Lara talks to Sara Jamshidi about her motivations to change direction and become a yoga enthusiast, meditator and inner-truth seeker.


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Lara Sanderson

Local Garden Inspiration: Lara Sanderson’s Food Forest


Angels are Made of Light


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Interview with Lara Sanderson for Peacemindedly Podcast



Lara Sanderson Quotes



Lara’s Guided meditation – 5 minutes

Set yourself in a comfortable position, Listen to Lara, and follow her through her guided meditation.





YouTube Raw footage of the conversation between Lara Sanderson and Sara Jamshidi for Peacemindedly Podcast


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