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Peacemindedly: A Podcast Featuring Peace, Kindness, Love and Compassion


Ever since Peacemindedly podcast was launched last year, it has attracted beyond 385,000 audience, including downloads and viewers. Sara Jamshidi, and Mateen Rokhsefat, creators of the podcast, will start Season three on Tuesday, Feb 2nd. They will follow Peacemindedly’s original programing. The show will be livestreamed on eight social media channels, every Tuesday, at 12 noon, PST, until the end of June. Then, they will publish edited audio files of the same live interviews on more than 11 podcast channels such as iTune, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, etc.

Before embarking on developing Peacemindedly, Jamshidi reported on conflicts, revolutions and wars. Sara compared COVID-19 and social unrest in the United States against the upheavals she experienced in her work. During such moments, she believed that “we need stability, hope, peace and love,” she said. Jamshidi created Peacemindedly as a counter reflex against the world around us.

Jamshidi and Mateen Rokhsefat, Peacemindedly on-air co-producer have aimed to counter the negative news by broadcasting peace journalism. Every episode on Peacemindedly features diverse topics that range from cooperation among cultures to individuals and nations with peaceful and deliberating bridging intents. “It will also be our direction towards producing positive peacetime news updates,” Jamshidi confirmed.

“Peacemindedly opened a new medium of delivering events and stories for us, something that is not possible to achieve within our timeline, with the same audience,” says Rokhsefat. Currently, the focus of the podcast is to establish peaceful collaboration in North America with probably the same audience, who might engage with the producers in a diverse form that will take on in the next phase.

Jamshidi ingeniously likes Peacemindedly because it has never been done before, which implies that the third season will have to feature a different algorithm of events. That is why the podcast shall be interviewing artists and authors whose work is focused on enhancing empathy, creating peace, sympathy, and overall comprehension.

“By looking at the level of our podcast, we believed that it was past the initial stage of delivering news and updates to our audience. So, it was essential to tell constructive stories, directly from individuals who have experienced them,” Jamshidi confirms.

A few of Peacemindedly guests.

The shows will be broadcasted on every Tuesday, at Noon, Pacific Standard Time PST (Seattle local time) for the five consecutive months. They will center the focus on peace, compassion, love and kindness. The broadcast will also feature gender representation, showing how women are perceived at home and how they can become future leaders in society.

Peacemindedly subsequent season will be premiered on 2nd February, at midday PST, alluding to the future podcast on events like dancing at the associated cultural bonding, biographical matters, and feminism and the current social movements like women’s rights in north Africa and around the world, the relationship between poetry and politics in the middle east, the Dutch art of doing nothing, crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s ambitious agenda for Saudi Arabia and Saudi women and much more. The final episode will be broadcasted on 29th June.

“The main idea of Peacemindedly is to feature peaceful bridge makers, the people who have put their body of work to bridge the gap between nations, cultures, languages and movements,” Jamshidi explains.

The podcast will have all ground-breaking, inspiring, and comical proceedings have not witnessed in the past podcasts as it will also be featuring LIVE on channels and social media. This is a podcast for those who desire to be informed but still appeals to those who would like to comprehend the world that surrounds them.



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