Olympic Athlete and Fashion Designer, Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj at US Embassy in London demonstrating her fencing equipment

Summary: Learn five things about Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first women to compete in the Olympics for the United States while wearing a Hijab.

The Hollywood Reporter recently wrote about Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim athlete who will become the first woman to compete for the United State while wearing a hijab during the 2016 Olympics. Read a brief excerpt of the piece below:

“She’s also a fashion designer.

“Apparently fashion and fencing is a thing. Case in point: Fellow fencer Miles Chamley-Warson is a runway model and Muhammad is a fashion designer. The 30-year-old competitor founded e-comm site Louella, offering what the label describes as a ‘fresh and vibrant look to the modest fashion industry.’ The brand, made in L.A., carries long-sleeve flowy dresses (up to $120 each), wide-legged jumpsuits (up to $85 each) and minimalist tunics (from $40 to $50).

“She’s given fencing lessons to the First Lady.

“At the 100-day countdown to the Rio Olympics kickoff in New York’s Times Square in April, Muhammad had the opportunity to give Michelle Obama a quick fencing lesson before FLOTUS practiced the moves with a young girl using foam foils. It was then that the two women shared a warm embrace, in the midst of an election cycle that has witnessed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making anti-Muslim remarks.”


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