Muslim Women Traveling in Europe Alone, It Is Fun!

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[pullquote]Summary: After Paris and Brussels attacks, Europe for Muslim women travelers feel a bit intense. But Elena, Muslim girl traveler, tell us why we should not be too concern.[/pullquote]

Travelling to Europe for many Muslim women, who wear hijab, might feel intimidating. After Paris and Brussels attacks, you may think that the air is a bit intense. But I want to assure you that everything is just fine. Europe is still a Muslim-friendly place. I just came back from a European trip and things went very smoothly.  Another friend just returned from all-girls-trip to Europe without any problems. Only advice I have, be prepared and know what to expect when travelling throughout the Europe. Here are some of my favourite tips to keep your safe on your solo trip.


One of the most important things for me and the one that I am happy to pay good money is my accommodation. You can use hotel loyalty programs to bring the cost down of your accommodation, but a reputable hotel in a good location can provide the safety you need when travelling. It is more unlikely to get robbed or have problems with your hotel if you choose an international brand plus most of the times they have properties in the city centre making it super convenient. Always read the TripAdvisor reviews and look online for the cheapest deal.

Share your itinerary

2154As a solo Muslim woman travelling you definitely want to share your itinerary with a friend or a family member, just so they can keep track of you. Just in case something happens there is one person always knowing your location. I love using Uber in Europe for this reason too, you can easily share your ETA with someone else and this definitely makes me feel more safe. Plus it’s a great way to avoid being scammed, see below.

Register with your embassy

French embassy, Europe. Artist: Kurayba, source: Flickr
French embassy, Europe. Artist: Kurayba, source: Flickr

I know this is extreme but many consulates and embassies have programs where you can register with them. In essence you let your government know you are in town and if something happens you are on their radar. This will make it much easier in case of an emergency.


Avoid the scams

Artist: mkooiman; sourceL Flickr
Artist: mkooiman; sourceL Flickr

Sadly Europe does have a lot of scamming and pickpocketing so when travelling solo be extra careful. Don’t stop to talk to some random salesman offering your bracelets in Rome or Milan. Preferably if you need to withdraw money out of your bank account do so within a bank branch especially rather than outside. You want to avoid drawing attention to yourself.


Visit the local mosque

Artist: Flip Knezic; Source: Flickr
Artist: Flip Knezic; Source: Flickr

As a Muslim woman traveling it is a great way to make friends with local sisters. Visit the local mosque, many European cities have female prayer facilities so this is not a problem. Search online for the central mosque in the city and pay them a visit. You might be invited to try some local food too or have a tour guide for the day.


#Bonus Tip

Artist: mkooiman; sourceL Flickr
Artist: mkooiman; sourceL Flickr

If you want to keep your independency but still want to explore some of what the city has to offer, join a Free walking tour. It is a great way to meet other single travellers too, have a local tour guide and see the city. It’s a win-win and definitely a lot of fun. There are even themed free walking tours so look online for some in your preferred destination.

You are definitely not alone. You will see so many Muslim women through your travelers either travelling or living in Europe. There is not even one city where I have not seen a Muslim and I have been to more cities than I can remember. Muslims are everywhere and it’s great because number one there is always halal food available and number two travelling is one of the best ways to break misconceptions about Islam and see what this beautiful world has to offer. So pack your bags and safe travels.


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