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Muslim Fashion for Women has Broken the Age-Old Controversy

Fashion has always been just like a melting pot that always catered to the needs of various cultures. For centuries a lot of discussions and arguments were noticed regarding the muslim women fashion. It is true that a few years back, the fashion for Muslim ladies meant only long full sleeved clothes. The usual traditional appearance with no variety and change always made the Islamic women look back dated and old fashioned. The introduction of the modest dresses Muslim created a great stand for the Muslimah women.

In the modern era, the fashion for the Islamic ladies includes both inclusivity and representation. The San Francisco exhibition clearly shattered the age-old perceptions against the Islamic community women. The modest clothes exhibited in the exhibition showed the prolific work of Muslim fashion designers. Mainly the focus of this exhibition was to highlight the modest fashionable clothes of the Muslim women. It explored the fact that there is a variety of fashion choice for Islamic community women.

Indeed, the Muslimah fashion has turned out to be mainstream. Among the Muslim modelers, Halima Aden was the first to create the headlines by being the first ever hijab model to parade down in the Yeezy 5 season fashion show. She is being appreciated for her strong sense of believes, particularly in an industry that carries a strong contrast to Muslim culture.

Even the modest fashion week held in London showcased the best look and designs of modest wears expressing a dressing style that incorporated both modernity and modesty.

Modest wears has brought diversity in the Muslim women fashion.

The modest clothing’s are available in a wide variety. There are winter wears, summer wears, sportswear, party wears and wedding dresses. The Muslim fashion industry is expanding at a rapid pace for the past few years. It is estimated that Muslim community women are spending today, almost $44 billion in purchasing modest clothes.

According to Jill D Alessandro, the fashion trend of Muslim is rising. The modest costumes have become the choice of both Muslim and non-Muslim countries women. Indeed, the modest clothes are innovative ideas of Islamic fashion designers. Today, they have captivated the eyesight of every modern trendy woman.

For many years, the Islamic community women have been struggling regarding their dressing style. But, the entry of modest outfits helped the Muslim women to appear modern and trendy. It is true that Muslim fashion is challenging the western fashion culture.

Amongst the modest dresses, hijab is the most popular that has attracted trendy women of today. According to some the hijab is a religious barrier, but, for some it gives religious identity. Major brands and designers have exhibited headscarves in different designs and colour so as to discover the fact that a hijab wearing lady can also look modern.

The hijabs in the past few years have undergone great change in its draping and colour. They are available now in vibrant colours and printed fabrics. A Muslim lady of modern generation can easily put on a hijab matching with a modest costume. Want to know more about muslim women fashion and modest clothings, visit Goltune News.