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Muslim fashion designer will appear on Project Runway

Ayana Ife hard at work on her “Project Runway” design. (Ayana Ife/Instagram). photo courtesy of CTV News.

Ayana Ife, a Muslim fashion designer, selected to compete in a popular show.

 Muslim fashion designer from Utah chosen for “Project Runway,” a popular reality television series Lifetime channel that focuses on fashion and hosted by Heidi Klum.

“It really was the craziest, most surreal experience,” said Ayana Ife, the hijabi designer in the show. “When Heidi said, ‘Oh, hello designers’ — in that moment, I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in the show! I’m in the TV screen!’ “

In the “Runway Project” show, the contestants compete against each other to design and create the best clothes, and restricted in time, materials and theme. Their designs are judged by well-known celebrities. During each season, selected competitors are progressively eliminated based on the judges’ scores until only a few contestants remain. Less than handful of finalists prepare a complete fashion collection for New York Fashion Week, from which a winner is determined.

“When I first started on ‘Project Runway,’ my main goal was, obviously, I want to win,” Ife told the Salt Lake Tribune ( .) “And I really, really, really need this exposure. I want to be an acclaimed designer for the modest market. I really want to be branded that way. Not just for Muslim women — for women who love modest fashion,” Ife said.

Historically, “Project Runway” contestants tend toward outrageous, revealing, and fresh designs. But, Ife’s fashion is going to focus on modest and chic clothing while exposing less skin.  

According to Associated Press, Ayana Ife has received feedback on social media from many Muslim women saying, “Wow, you’re representing us well.”