A Muslim Fashion Designer Sent Headscarves To an Australian Political Leader After Her Invitation of Trump

photo curtsy of Moga fashion
photo curtsy of Moga fashion

Main Point: A Muslim fashion designer has written an Open letter to One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, urging her change the way she speaks about minorities in Australia

Source: Buzz Feed

Writer: Alice Workman

Azahn Munas, director of the fashion label MOGA, said he was prompted to send Hanson two headscarves after he felt a “rise in inflammatory rhetoric (bordering on hate speech) made against minorities” by right wing political parties.

The scarves, which can be worn by Muslim or non-Muslim women as a hijab or accessory, were sent as an olive branch to the One Nation leader as a symbol of multicultural solidarity.

“I sent the scarves after Pauline Hanson publicly endorsed Donald Trump’s victory and said he was always welcome at her One Nation party,” he told BuzzFeed News

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