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A Muslim Designer Is Launching Her Modest Activewear

6.21.16 sukoon activewear
courtesy of Sukoon activewear website

In an effort to provide more activewear options for Muslim women, Arshiya Kherani recently launched Sukoon, a clothing company.

The fashion market for Islamic clothing is expanding, but modest activewear designed specifically for Muslim women is still mostly absent. Arshiya Kherani is a Muslim woman based in New York City who is trying to provide more activewear clothing options for Muslim women.

She said she has suffered for years during her uncomfortable workouts and after struggling with exercising and not enjoying her workouts for years, she decided to start her activewear company Sukoon, because she is “part of the demographic that needs this product.”

Kherani, who is one of the only modest activewear designers that is actually a Muslim woman, said she is excited for her company to join the growing marketplace for Muslim fashion. She said she hopes that her success inspires other Muslim women to start their own clothing brands.

“It’s so cool that someone like me can go to Uniqlo and there’s a hijab section. It’s a dream come true,” she said. “But it’s also really important for Muslim women like myself to start our own companies so we can get our visions of how we see fashion out into the world.”


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