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Muslim Brazilian Fashion Blogger Mixes Fashion, Makeup and Hijab

Muslim Brazilian Fashion
Courtesy of Blog da Mag

twenty-two-year-old Mag Halat has recently created her own blog to provide modest fashion tips. 

Mag Halat, a 22-year-old Brazilian of Lebanese descent, created her blog, titled “Blog da Mag,” January 1, 2016 and her videos already have nearly 50,000 views. Her blog focuses on makeup tutorials and fashion tips, all while she wears a hijab. Halat said she was motivated to create her own blog by watching videos from people from all around the world.

“I always liked to follow the Muslim bloggers from other countries. Then, I thought, why not a Brazilian Muslim blogger? I decided to create the blog and it’s working so far,” Halat said.

She said one of the most important factors to consider when putting together outfits is the price, as it is often difficult for Muslim women like her to produce a fashionable outfit at a cheap price.

“It’s very hard. When you go looking for an outfit, sometimes you find a beautiful skirt, but then it has a huge slit or is transparent,” Halat said. “It’s very hard to find a nice outfit you can wear it with the veil.”