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Munira Ahmed: the Woman Who Became the Face of the Trump Resistance

courtesy of The Guardian. Ridwan Adhami’s I Am America photo next to Shepard Fairey’s We The People illustration. Munira Ahmed, the subject, calls the work ‘an honor’. Photograph: Ridwan Adhami, Shepard Fairey

Main point: Munira Ahmed’s picture in headscarf has become the face of resistance to Trump administration

Source: The Guardian

Writer: Edward Helmore

Munira Ahmed, a 32-year-old freelancer from Queens, has become the face of resistance to the Trump administration, her image carried by thousands of protesters in Saturday’s massed marches in opposition to the newly elected president.

The image, which shows the Bangladeshi American wearing a striking look of defiance and a hijab made from the Stars and Stripes, is by Shepard Fairey, an artist best known for his portrait of Barack Obama that came to symbolise the 44th president’s original message of hope.

“It’s about saying, ‘I am American just as you are,’” Ahmed told the Guardian after returning to New York from Washington, where she took part in Saturday’s huge protest march. “I am American and I am Muslim, and I am very proud of both.”

Fairey’s work is part of a group project coordinated by the Amplifier Foundationunder the title We the People. Work by Ernesto Yerena and Jessica Sabogal also features.

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