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Modest fashion bloggers are drawing attention into the fashion industry

Modest Fashion
Cynthia Small is coaching a model in the backstage at the last minute during Azizah Magazine modest fashion show

Summary: The fashion industry is finally paying attention to a growing market of modest fashion

Source: Bloomberg

Writer: Siraj Datoo

Something curious has happened to the fashion industry in the last few years: So-called modest fashion has started to take off. Designers and retailers are producing clothing that’s often a little longer and slightly looser and tends to have a higher neckline.

That’s good news for an eager generation of young women who want to look great while respecting their religious values.

Burberry, DKNY, and other brands have released special Ramadan collections, timed to coincide with the Muslim holy month. Uniqlo sells a line from British designer Hana Tajima described as fusing “contemporary design and comfortable fabrics with traditional values.” And last month, an event billed as the first “modest fashion” week was held at the Saatchi Gallery during London Fashion Week.

Behind this shift in tastes and preferences are a cadre of amateur designers and bloggers who amassed millions of followers on social media and grabbed the attention of big brands.

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