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Modest Fashion: A Trend Or An Evolution In Fashion?

Evolution In Fashion
Modest Fashion A Trend Or An Evolution In Fashion

Main point: the modest fashion has been picked up with many people, especially young people. So, the question is, is it revolution or evolution in the fashion industry

Source: Huffington Post

Writer: Fatima Kasu

The modest silhouette continues to gain momentum with influencers, international runways and global brands. The impact of social media is undeniable and the access this brings to millennial influencers has changed the way the world operates. The simple act of sharing images of their lives and modest ensembles, on their blogs and social media, has given the world access to an otherwise unknown within the world of fashion. The question on the mind of many, from advocates for the modest movement, to those who critique it is: is modest fashion a fleeting trend or a permanent shift in the sartorial world?

Modest fashion started to gain media attention several years ago with the rise of the millennial bloggers who – for the most part – sought to use social media as a creative outlet. On demonstrating that dressing conservatively could coincide with being on trend, they have subverted the notion that modest dressing is at odds with being fashionable. For many women seeking modest yet trendy clothing, the lack of availability of such clothing has made it difficult to put together outfits that would not compromise on either. Fashion influencers such as Dian Pelangi and Ascia Akf who have garnered over a million followers on social media, provide direction for these women, showing them how to mix and match high street clothing in innovative ways. For instance, by pairing long-sleeved tops with sleeveless dresses, or wearing kimonos over straight-cut jeans, they’re indulging in fashion without sacrificing their values. On speaking to Haute Elan, Canadian blogger Hanan Tehaili, said that “Modest fashion is a way of expressing your style parallel to your way of life. It is beautiful because of the varying styles and beliefs that are intertwined to create this phenomenon.”

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