Lauren Marshall: Jewish-American Playwright Critical of Israel’s Stance in her Latest Work”Abrahams’ Land”

Abraham’s Land cast rehearsing their lines


Show Notes: Lauren Goldman Marshall is a Seattle-based Jewish-American playwright. She wrote and produced Abraham’s Land, a musical focusing on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. She is currently working on an updated version of her play, to be produced soon.  Lauren talks to Sara Jamshidi on the Peacemindedly podcast on when she realized that Israel’s stance against Palestine was unjustifiable.


Lauren Goldman Marshall

Abraham’s Land Excerpt 1: Gaza by the Sea

Abraham’s Land excerpt 2: Garden of Infinite Path

Abraham’s Land Excerpt 3: Written in Stone

Israel cannot fulfill its promise perpetuating apartheid (Marshall’s oped for Seattle Times)

The Theater of Possibility (interview with Marshall for Seattle’s Child)

You can buy tickets to the show at Broadway Performance Hall in Setpember, 2020.

Contact Marshall via her website or Colin Hovde, [email protected]




Lauren Marshall Interview with Peacemindedly Podcast







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