Laleh Bakhtiar: First Woman and American Translated the Quran

laleh bakhrtiar translating the quran


Show Notes: Laleh Bakhtiar is a certified counselor with more than 30 years of experience as well as a retired lecturer from the University of Chicago. However, what truly makes her a groundbreaker is that she is the first woman to have translated the Holy Qur’an into English. Laleh talks to Sara Jamshidi on the Peacemindedly podcast on how she dealt with growing criticism while translating Islam’s holy book.


Laleh Bakhtiar

The Sublime Quran by Laleh Bakhtiar

Laleh Bakhtiar: I Follow the Religion of Love (an oped by Bakhtiar)

Is Islam Inherently Misogynistic? (interview with Bakhtiar)

New Translation Prompts Debate on Islamic Verse (New York Times story on Bakhtiar)

Laleh Bakhtiar (Wise Muslim Women website)



Interview with Laleh Bakhtiar for Peacemindedly Podcast


Laleh Bakhtiar quotes:




 YouTube raw footage of the conversation between Laleh Bakhtiar and Sara Jamshidi for Peacemindedly podcast





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