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Hijab-Proof Lipstick shades for a Fresh Look


Summary: What color to wear on your lips during summer. Here are our tips.

Often times, we want to look fresh and natural.  As a hijabi, I prefer wearing light makeup, or apply full makeup making it look light. Though I love bold and bright colors, there are days when I feel I should go easy on the colors to complement my Hijab. As for lipstick concerns, I chose a few of my favorite shades to share them with you here. I think the colors I chose here would go well with any lipstick shades to complement hijab and Abaya.

The following shades mentioned below would suit most of the skin tones. If you find yourself wondering how to make a nude shade suits you, check out the tips given below. With nude, go as light as you can.

PinkI believe is a universal color as most women have naturally pinkish lips. So a lipstick shade that has pink tones will be the best choice to wear with any Hijab color. As you know there are many shades of pink in the market, I suggest best is to stick to the lighter ones instead of the very bright ones to keep it natural.


nudeany shade that would be 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone should be your perfect nude lipstick. It can be a bit tricky to choose the perfect one for you. Just make sure to pick the ones that are darker than your skin tone and has the same undertones color of your facial.


mauvemy recent favorite. If you are someone like me who has pigmented lips with a mixture of purplish pinkish lips, then mauve is your perfect match. Mauve compliments almost all skin tones very well so it is one of the safest shade to choose without being too dramatic.


brownIt’s hard to find women who would want to have brown shades these days. For some reasons, when I think of this color I remember the lipsticks my mom passed on to me at parties, or perhaps Granny’s favorite lip color of her times. Many girls stay away from this shade because it makes them look older, but I believe if you choose the right color for your skin tone, it will be very flattering. But for our Hijab-proof brown shade, choose lightest brown and see if you can look 10 years younger. Top it up with a clear lip gloss and it will add beauty to your natural look.

fingers dipped in jar of petroleum jelly


Clear Lip-gloss- You do not need one. Just pop a little Vaseline on lips and voila, you got that shiny healthy lips that will compliment you Hijab perfectly. It will also hydrate your lips exponentially. I promise