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Hijab For Every Skin Tone

photo credit of Habiba De Silva’s Instagram Page

Summary: A new line of hijabs is inclusive to people of all different skin tones.

A Muslim Blogger, 22-year-old fashion designer Habiba Da Silva, has created a hijab fashion line called Skin that aims to be inclusive of all races.

Da Silva said she did not want to just cater to only light-skin women, which is was many companies have been doing up until this point.

Da Silva, who is of mixed Lebanese and Brazilian heritage, said that she brought her passion for various cultures into her work.

“I’ve always been interested in cultures, since I come from two different cultures myself,” Da Silva said. “It’s always been something that I’ve always been passionate about.”

The new line will also have scarf options available for men. Da Silva said she will expanding the colours in the range and doing bigger things in the future.


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