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First Female Malaysian to Lead a Malaysian Fashion Brand

First Female Malaysian to Lead a Malaysian Fashion Brand
Photo courtesy of The Star magazine

Qamila Amran is the first woman lead a Malaysian fashion brand. She looks forward to growing the business even more. 

The AmarAmran brand, a pioneer of Muslim fashion, goes back 41 years and now three generations, with Qamila Amran taking over the business just three years ago. Her grandfather started the brand just as a tailor shop, and her father expanded it to a fashion label.

Now as head of the brand, she said it has been challenging to live up to expectations.

“My father pioneered the Muslim modest clothing trend that has made AmarAmran what it is today. He was a designer in his own right, and always came up with chic and practical designs,” she said. “They’re always simple but stylish.”

Qamila Amran said the work has been tiring, but Muslim fashion is her passion. She said she is dedicated to making Muslim fashion more “universal, comfortable and not overpriced” in the rapidly changing landscape of modest fashion.

“The Muslim fashion industry is evolving, and consumers now have more choices. For me, this is not just a money-making opportunity. I put my heart and soul into AmarAmran because it is a huge responsibility,” she said. “It will be years before I can fill my father’s shoes, but I’m trying my best. My father has laid down a strong foundation and reputation for AmarAmran, which is known for its quality and exclusivity, so I have to work hard to maintain this brand image.”


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