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End-of-Summer Hijabi Fashion


As the last month of summer has come, stores are already stocking their shelves with longer and warmer attire. Long cardigans, thick wooly scarves and tennis shoes replace the once hanging maxi dresses, tanks and sandals. The colors in stores are transitioning from bright colors, to darker and warmer shades. But as you make your way to the back of the stores, summer clothing is still hanging in the back with huge clearance signs.  

Although these fall fashion pieces are slowly making their way into the stores, we can’t forget it is still summer. Summer is a season too difficult to dress modestly. With the stores stocked with shorts, tank-tops and short dresses, a hijabimust be very creative to maneuver during the hot season. Being comfortable and cool are always my top priorities in the summer.  


We still have our last days of hanging by the lake, shopping with friends or going on a night stroll through the city. But how do you take the slowly creeping in, fall style, with the already apparent summer fashion and create an outfit?


With this in mind, I decided to create a piece that compliments the two. I took a light weight blue and white striped scarf to keep cool during the hot summer day. I decided to pair it with my boyfriend jeans, which have been my go to pants this summer. Although the pair is jean, they are comfortable and feel cool because of their loose fit. 


I chose to wear a simple black V-neck t-shirt with a long black cardigan on top, to not clash with the already patterned hijab. To add to the comfort, I matched my outfit with a pair of white converse, since I knew I would be out shopping for the day.

You may be thinking why wear black as a summer piece? But I believe that black is a color you can wear year round. It’s all about what pieces you pair it with. By taking two light-weight pieces, and adding a pop of color, it becomes a summer piece. Also complimenting the outfit with a light wash jean and tennis shoes, adds to the laid back summer look. 


I know I will be outside more than usual with friends, so I want to be able to move freely. I’m not a fan of skirts or really long dresses, since they’re harder to walk in. Wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans or harem pants in the summer time, will keep me both cool and comfortable. 

It’s all about finding the style for you and not being afraid to blend pieces and colors from different seasons. Because you never know what fun outfit you’ll come up with.