Controversial Fashion Show in Tehran Brought up Heated Discussion



According to the Iranian media, Al-Zahra University’s College of Art organized a women-exclusive fashion show that provokes anger among government officials and conservative groups. The state-run Kayhan Newspaper criticized the show, asking university officials to take disciplinary actions against organizers.
In the pictures distributed through social media Creative Fashion show at the College of Arts were exclusive to women. Participants were allowed to take pictures with designers and mannequin.
“Publishing and sharing pictures in the social media was contrary to our rules and orders,” said Mansour Hesami, Dean of the College of Art. Hesami promised to take a disciplinary actions against organizers and photo-takers.
The university press explained that the show was organized to showcase students’ final works.
“To bring cameras and take picture of the show is not against the universities rules,” said Sedigheh Abbasi, University’s public relation official. She suggested that the publication of photos in cyberspace were the act of some “naughty students”.