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Body positive plus size fashion blogger earns six-figure salary

photo credit, Marie Denee,

Body-positive plus-size fashion blogger Marie Denee shares how she rose to the top of the self-love scene doing what makes her happy.

Source: Reader’s Digest

Writer: Bryce Gruber

Marie Denee is a plus size fashion blogger who likes her body as the way it is. In the ‘welcome page’ of her blog she writes “the Curvy Fashionista is a virtual home for the curvy, confident, chic, plus-size woman who loves to keep it curvy while exploring the latest in fashion, beauty and tech.”

Denee started her blog in 2008. With her forward thinking attitude, she wanted to fill the void in the fashion world where all the emphasis were, and still is, on small size women.

“At the time finding plus-size options, especially contemporary options, was a challenge, so I created The Curvy Fashionista.” she said to Reader’s Digest. “I wanted to provide resources to show and share the various options out here for plus-size women,” said Denee of Atlanta, GA.

As Reader’s Digest reports, the 35-year old blogger isn’t acting alone. she recognizes that spreading positive vibes and broader messages about inclusive beauty and fashion is a team effort. Her curvy fashion media team has grown in recent years to include a video production team and a photographer, all thanks to her growing sponsorship base. And she’s upfront about what she earns, according to Readr’s Digest.

“I make from $500 for a quick Instagram share about a movie or brand to upwards of $5,000 or more for a fun and playful branded video. I get paid to try on jeans and do splits in them,” she says smilingly. “It is still mind-boggling but even more cool that it helps someone find something that works for them!”

In our editorial team, we hope Denee’s attitude toward her plus-size body positive image would resonate with you. Every woman has a different shape, curve and body size. It is important to love what she got, be mindful, and try to dress her body with her unique sense of style and fashion.

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