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Beautiful Smokey Eyes for Every Look

This subtle Smokey eye is suitable for either night, or day looks.

We start off by applying concealer all over the eyelid then setting it with a powder. Apply the first crease shade from one corner of the eye to the other corner. The second shade is purple. You need to apply the shade on the outer corner and blend it towards the outer part of the eye. For the lid, you can use any light shimmer shade, we used a pearlish white eyeshadow.

To darken and deepen the color for the outer corner of the eye, you can use a black eyeshadow and blend it upwards while winging it out.  Please see the video to learn more about what exactly to do to get amazing result.

At the end, highlight the brow bone by using a shimmer shade that is close to your skin tone.

Just play around with different darker color shade to learn what shade suites your skin. After a few try, you will find something you feel comfortable, and it looks good on you.

Watch the video to learn about shades and how to apply on your eyes.