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Barbie Gets a Modest Makeover

Summary: An artist and lifestyle blogger restyles Barbie after fashionable, iconic Muslim women.

Source: Huffington Post

Writer: Carol Kuruvilla

A Muslim lifestyle blogger has been restyling Barbies as powerful Muslim women icons, packing a whole lot of spunk into a tiny figurine.

Haneefah Adam is a 26-year-old medical scientist and artist based in Ilorin, Nigeria. She’s the woman behind the popular @hijarbie Instagram account, where she posts images of Barbies that young Muslim girls who wear the hijab can identify with.

In addition to showcasing modest fashion, Adam has been turning photos of popular Muslim fashion icons into Barbies.

Modest fashion has taken off on Instagram, with many Muslim women posting style tips on how to wear and find fashionable headscarves and dresses that meet religious requirements. Some of these Instagram stars have amassed a substantial audience on the platform, scoring business deals with fashion brands and becoming savvy businesswomen in their own right.

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