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9 Steps to Have a Beautiful Glowing Skin During the Holidays

Main point: Holiday is that time of the year when we want to have our skin at its best. Here are 9 tips to keep your skin healthy and shiny

December is the party season in the West, which means lots of photos. In order to glow at your best during the party, photo shoots, we recommend you to pay attention to the following tips. Here are our few tips to get your skin glowing this holiday season.

1- Hydrate:
Make sure to have your sips of water every now and then despite a busy schedule because dry skin is not flattering at all.




2- Cleanse:
This shouldn’t come as surprise as we all know, clean face is the key to a healthy skin. Clean your face using your favorite face wash or cleansing milk to remove speckles and other tiny dust away from your skin to make it look clearer.



3- Exfoliate: In winter time, our skin tends to get dryer, which can mean a makeup can become the skin’s greatest enemy. Skin might be flaky and patchy. A good foundation will enhance the look and gives moisture to the skin. So, by exfoliation, we actually smooth out the skin. The best exfoliate is the ones that have micro-beads in it according to your skin type.

4- Moisturize:
The most important part of your skin care is to make sure your skin is moist enough. As mentioned earlier, dry and dehydrated skin will just enhance all the imperfections. You need to moisturize your skin to plump the skin giving it a healthy glow. For oily skin, a gel based moisturizer will do wonders while for dry skin and other skin types, hydrating moisturizer applied on damp skin will be very effective.

5- SPF/Sunscreen: Want those wrinkles and aging to be delayed? Then better not to expose skin directly to the sunlight. During winter, many would think it is not necessary to apply SPF (Sun Protection Factor), as it is already cold and damp, but even during the cold weather, never leave your skin without SPF and protect skin from hitting the sunlight directly.

6- Foundation: Now that our skin is fully loaded with all the nutritions, it’s time to begin our makeup. Foundation plays a very important role. Choose a foundation that has light to medium coverage. Full coverage matte foundations tend to make the skin look very dry and cakey. Even for oily skin, avoid full coverage matte foundation and stick to light to medium instead.

7- Conceal: Now that we have blended our foundation well, check for unwanted spots or discoloration and cover them using concealers. Apply the product on areas needed and make sure to blend well with a damp sponge so both the products are well blended and look air brushed and glowing.


8- Set: The most important part of makeup is to set the base and for that you will need an illuminating setting powder. Make sure it doesn’t have glitters or huge sparkles in it but has the luminosity you need to add radiance to skin. If you have oily t-zone, then set that area with a mattifying powder.


9- Highlight: Last but not the least is to highlight using a powder product which has shine to it but not glittery as it gives a look of healthy glowing radiant skin which is a camera’s best friend. Apply it on the higher points of your face like cheek bones, brow bone, tip of nose and cupid bow.