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8 Ways to Spruce Up Home Decor

8 ways to spruce up your home, Dec. 8. 2015-2


Winter months mean more time spent indoors, getting crafty and composed. But what makes a home “cozy”? Some say it’s the smell of stew bubbling away on the stove or a stack of dog-eared magazines beside the bed. Laughter shared with friends, the prayers amongst mothers, fathers, sons and daughters–the walls absorb it all. Our homes are where we retreat to at the end of the day. They are our safe haven from the hustle and bustle around us. It is a pleasure and a blessing to slowly…carefully… turn a house into a home and proudly call it “ours”.

We love it when we open up a front door and stumble upon cozy touches, little flashes of sparkle here and there, and a print that makes us smile. Here are 8 items that caught our decor-happy eye:


medium_8 ways 4

1. Something old…something new… something rescued… I adore when homes have a couple of items

that are somewhat weathered and seem to retain an air of mystery.

Multi-use vases or catch-alls can be swapped around easily. Who knows, you might even stumble on an ancient treasure!

8 wyas  (1)-22. This little DIY is so simple yet so brilliant.

Shop your yard and invie nature inside before the snow falls

and harvest expected little treasures (driftwood, acorns, pinecones) to turn into a custumized piece of art.

medium_8 ways 3-23. These understated, black and white ‘his and hers’ pillows by KaramaCo

would be great in the living room or the bedroom.

They are modern, practical and squishy enough for movie time (or pillow fight).



large_8 ways 5

4. Do your earrings seem to grow legs and wander off?

Looking for a way to corral haphazard pushpins?

These shiny little do-dads would be a great snowy day project.

large_8 ways 65. Love the elegant diamond at center of this large, soft cotton and wool rug.

6. For the walls. This digital print would easily add a contemporary pop to a gallery wall.

8 ways 9-2

7. Something to admire. A dusty, jewel-green velvet

ottoman with its brass legs is fit for a museum or fancy London townhouse,

but would fit right in at a quaint storybook cottage or eclectic loft apartment.


8. A super chic (and comfy) blanket that’s also made in the U.S. Pretty sure I could much live under one of these for weeks at a time. Pass the tea, please!