5 Matters to consider when photo shooting in the Middle East

fashion bloggers in Egypt

Summary: Middle Eastern countries are beautiful where each provide a wealth of knowledge, and wisdom, as well of set of challenges for fashion bloggers

Middle Eastern blogger and photographers are finding voice, support and success at the global fashion industry. However, the bloggers massive success comes with challenges. Attitude toward dress and appearance within the Middle Eastern countries are varied. In a country like United Arab Emirate, you can wear whatever you want. But, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive, let alone show any skin. And the case for Iran is totally a different ball game. Iranian authorities imprison female fashion bloggers who post their photos on Instagram, and other social media platforms, without proper hijab.

Regardless of where you are and which city you live, there are a set of values that a blogger must take into consideration. Those values include: 1. Respect the country’s traditions and dress codes; 2. Get comfortable with people staring at you; 3. Be aware of your background photo; 4. You may have to ask the authorities permission to do the photoshoot; and 5. Try to engage with people and individuals.

Advice that Alya Mooro, Egyptian fashion bloggers, gives to new fashion bloggers is to “be informed, be aware of what’s going on around you, and be friendly, and you’ll soon have some awesome pictures for the ‘gram”

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