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4 Comfortable And Stylish Modest Mommy Outfits

Stylish Hijabi Mommy Outfits

Summary: Being a mom means to be beautiful and fashionable. Here is how.

Muslim women cover their hair as part of their commitment to their faith. However, staying stylish, fashionable, modern and modest mom is a bit challenging. I think things would seem very difficult until it is done! Here are some of my tips for you to stay fancy, fashionable and astonish.

1. Comfort is the Key

A mother has one job really – to run. Running after the kids, the laundry, the house, the stove, the guests, the job, the appointments, and the list just never ends, does it?  Therefore, it is not desirable, but necessary, for your outfit to be comfortable, run-friendly. So trade in your long trails and stiff jackets for some short comfortable tops like loose tees, kimonos or the favourite – your hubby’s hoodies.

Accompany your baggy tops with chic pants, stretchy leggings, or even aladdin pants if you want more volume to go with your tees. That’s the easy part though. But in all this hustle how do you manage to keep your hijab on your head without looking like The Mommy?


2. Accessorise Your Outfit

img-68  A simple trick to keep your hijab on is to ditch the layered drapes for a more gathered and sophisticated look – like the turban style, or a low-knotted bandana. But if you’re up for a more conventional less funky style, a simple brooch can help add glam as well as secure your scarf in place. Other accessories like a clunky necklace, or an assortment of rings can inconspicuously add to your fashionista vibes without getting in the way of your mommy duties.

Similarly, shoes can make or break your outfit. Comfortable shoes do not necessarily entail crocs, joggers, and slippers. Thanks to advancements in the shoe industry, you can rock sandals or even espadrilles without the accompanied pains. Sure it’s a little heavy on the pocket but the compliments and sighs you will get from your girlfriends will make it all feel worth it!

3. Play With Prints and Patterns

img-69    You can always experiment with prints and colours to find your perfect outfit like many iconic hijabi women of style. Nowadays many different materials can be used to glam up your hijab fashion – lace, viscose, sheer. But if you feel too awkward using new materials and want to stay within your comfort zone, then try playing with patterns by matching or contrasting them to the rest of your attire.

The advantage of this approach is that all you do is pick the right print and then let it do the rest while you shuffle along your chores and meetings. As an alternate to contrast you can try a monochromic approach which is something that makes you look cool ‘without trying’ *wink wink*. If all else fails a statement bag is fool-proof as a last resort for adding that much-needed charm to your look ala Gigi Hadid.

4. Be Beautifully Happy With Who You Are

img-70-1   No one said being a mom means being a drab, plain-looking one. You need a break from caring for others all the time, to care for yourself for a change. Look after yourself, dress well, eat well, live well. Sure you have to run after everyone and everything yet you should look fabulous doing it.

So hang up that apron – or suit, or uniform, or… well you get the drill – and put on your shopping shoes. Every once in a while, you deserve to do something for yourself, have fun and look good, so make it count!