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3 Modest Workout Wear to Try On


In this post, you will learn:

Aqeelah’s three latest look and recommendations on modest workout wear

Stay fit and pretty

After a large meal during Thanksgiving, this is a must-do item

From fashion tips and beauty tricks to dressing modestly as a married Muslim woman, 28-year-old Aqeelah Harron-Ally is one of South Africa’s first fashion bloggers. She started blogging in April 2010 as a simple fashion blog. She created Fashion Breed as  a platform for the young fashion and makeup enthusiast to document her interests, activities and travels.

Witnessing everything from her graduation to her marriage as well as her achievements, the blog is Aqeelah’s way to communicate with the larger modest fashion world.

Eight and a half years later, Aqeela’s blog has become a full-time business who routinely shares relevant and thought-provoking content with her audience totaling over 85,000 and counting.

In this video she shares three modest exercise outfit ideas for most faiths, modest workout wear hacks, an important sports bra guide and an easy trick to create a workout hijab!

If you are reading our story in the US, this might be something you seriously consider after large meals during and after Thanksgiving.