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Women Can Wear Bikini in Saudi Arabia’s Special Beach

Wear Bikini in Saudi Arabia
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Summary: women can wear bikini in Saudi Arabia beaches

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Knowing that foreign visitors are unlikely to come to beaches where women are forced to cover up in an abaya – a robe-like dress – Saudi government announced that women will be allowed to wear bikinis. The announcement came when Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, 31, plan to diversify Saudi economy in the Vision 2030 plan.

Apart from the ambitious plan, Saudi Arabia remains one of the most notorious places for women. Women in Saudi Arabia are forced to dress under a very restrict rules, they cannot drive, or leave houses without male guardians. IF the female population of the kingdom disobey such restrict rules, they will be punished. In July, a woman was arrested and imprisoned after being filmed wearing a miniskirt in a remote desert in Saudi Arabia.

Yet, the young prince, heir to the throne, want to modernize the country. The luxury Red Sea resort will start in 2019. The first phase of the project will be completed by 2022, according to the announcement by Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund. The organizers hope to hose a million visitors a year by 2035.   “The Red Sea project will be a luxury resort destination situated across the islands of a lagoon and steeped in nature and culture,” the fund said.

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