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Someone who Doesn’t Wear a Hijab is not Any Less a Muslim than Someone who Wears It

Someone Who Doesn’t Wear a Hijab Is Not Any Less a Muslim Than Someone Who Wears it
Someone Who Doesn’t Wear a Hijab Is Not Any Less a Muslim Than Someone Who Wears it

Main point: hijab is not the best identifier of one’s Muslimhood; and it is not right to judge one based on her outlook

Source: Mvsulim

Writer: Nafisa Nawar

What makes a Muslim, a Muslim? Just being born into a Muslim family sure doesn’t make one a Muslim. So what is it?  Is it the five daily prayers? Is it the regular remembrance of God? Or is it the hijab for women? In my opinion, what makes a Muslim, a Muslim is his or her Iman. Iman or the faith in one God and His teachings is the foundation of Islam. It’s the faith in your Lord that differentiates you from the others. This is something that is intangible, something that can’t be seen and can only be felt in the heart. When you have Iman, the other things follow.

Hijab is usually described by a head scarf worn by women to guard their beauty. However, the proper meaning of hijab is not just the head scarf, but also loosely fitted attire which cloaks the shape of a woman’s body. For the women in Islam, it is advised that they wear a hijab.

A significant amount of people consider the hijab as a reflection of submission towards God, which is very true. Nonetheless, someone who doesn’t wear a hijab is not any less a Muslim than someone who wears it. Something as trivial as the head scarf can’t determine the level of faith and belief towards God. Hijab doesn’t indicate if she is regular in her daily prayers or not.  Hijab doesn’t determine if she is kind to her fellow Muslims or not.

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