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4 Modest Fashion Designers Will Show Their Collections at Milan Fashion Week

modest fashion, milan fashion week, four muslim designer sara jamshidi
©Goltune News 2018. A model posing in the front of Duomo in Milan, Italy looking aside

Source: Arabia Harper Bazaar

Four modest fashion designers, including Carmen Muhammad, American Muslim designer of Al Nisa Design from Chicago, will show their collection at Milan Fashion Week at Milano Fashion Library located at Tortona district in Milan, Italy.

The Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) has partnered with Milan Fashion Week (MFW) to host a modest fashion party during next month’s sartorial celebrations. The event aims to showcase conservative fashion in the European city and will see four modestwear designers present their work.

The IFDC Award winners from Torino Fashion Week who will showcase their designs includes Saudi Arabia’s Bow Boutique, American label Al Nisa Designs, Brunei-based Chantique and Italian modeswear brand Luya Moda.


goltune news sara jamshidi modest fashion week Milan fashion week Al Nisa Design
Photo courtesy of Al Nisa Design Instagram page. The photo is taken at Torino Fashion Week showing the backstage


modest fashion, goltune news sara jamshidi Milan fashion week Luya Moda
Photo courtesy of Luya Moda Instagram page. Luya Moda is modest fashion label from Italy. Torino Fashion Week






Photo courtesy of Chantique Instagram page. Chantique is a Brunei based label.




Photo courtesy of Bow Boutique, Saudi Arabia’s modestwear, Instagram page. Here, the lead designer is accepting the award at the Torino Fashion Week 2018