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Noor Neelofa Represents Modest Fashion in Europe

modest fashion
Photo credit, screenshot of Neelofa’s Instagram page


Writer: Annie May

Love her or hate her, Neelofa is a real modest fashion icon and trendsetter. Whatever she does that may seem ridiculous to us, all of it has a reason.

During the launch of her new Lofarbag Mini, the fashion mogul said that she was aware that people have been making fun of her look and fashion. She explained that she never take any of the criticism seriously. She has a reason for dressing up that way.

“I think Malaysian people likes to watch my every movement, my fashion, so that they can troll me and make fun of whatever I do. But I never take any of it seriously because if I were to lower myself to their level, I would never go anywhere,” said the 29-year-old fashionista.

“I know what I’m doing but they have no idea of what I’m doing. I always have to step up my game so that I won’t blend in with the rest. That’s why when it comes to fashion I will become more experimental and daring because I want to break into the fashion and beauty industry in Europe, that’s my ultimate goal,” she added.

Naelofa revealed that she has been recruited by 2 fashion and beauty agencies in Paris and London.  The agencies will represent and manage her for the fashion and beauty market in both Paris and London.

Neelofa explained that she has to step up her game when it comes to fashion so that she doesn’t look like others. Her maneuver may appear so different to people.

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