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Multi-Billion Dollars Halal Food Market Is Growing Fast

Multi-Billion Dollars Halal Food Market Is Growing Fast
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Summary: Halal food has become a fast growing market at the food industry in the US

In an election season dominated by Donald Trump, many Muslims do not feel welcomed in this country. However, the way Muslim eat has made its way into the mainstream culture. Halal food is now a hot market for both Muslims and non-Muslims in the US.

Daily Star ran a story about the consumption of halal food in the US.

“Shahed Amanullah could only find about 200 places that served halal food in 1998 when he launched a website to help Americans to find it. Today, he’s tracking 7600 and he says halal is making inroad even among people who are wary of Muslims. “Food is a great medium for cultural sharing,” Amanullah said.

In grocery and convenience stores and similar outlets, research firm Nielsen estimates that sales reached $1.9 billion in the 12 months through August, a 15 percent increase from 2012.

“Overall, from restaurants to supermarkets, halal sales are projected at $20 billion this year, up by one-third since 2010, according to the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, which certifies halal food and promotes education on the topic.

“Whole Foods Market Inc., which has been among the pioneers, ranks halal among its fastest growing categories, with double-digit sales growth in each of the last five years. It’s been running Ramadan promotions since 2011.”


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