This Hijab Barbie May Be the Cutest Style Star on Instagram


Hijarbei story

Originally, the following story was published on, written by Rachel Lubitz

In January, the world was blessed with a curvy Barbie, a tall Barbie and a petite Barbie. Now, 24-year-old Haneefah Adam is making the case for the hijab Barbie.

Adam, who lives in Nigeria, uses her Instagram accountHijarbie to showcase “mini hijab fashion.” That means photo after photo of the Barbie we know — tall, thin, long-legged, probably blonde — wearing clothes we’re less used to: Instead of princess gowns or hot pants, it’s all hijabs and abayas.

And she looks damn cute.

Adam got the idea for Hijarbie a few months ago, after taking an earnest look at the hugely popular Barbie Style Instagram. Barbie Style is a separate Instagram account from the regularBarbie one, and it finds Barbie with blogger-worthy style and grown-up Instagram habits (think selfiesartfully messy tablescapes and organized closet porn). The account has over 1.2 million followers.

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