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Talking with Two Powerful Voices of Justice for Black Lives Matter Movement


Katrina Hasan Hamilton, writer, educator, wife, and the mother of an amazing 7-year-old, along with Yusef Miller, board member of Islamic Society of North County in San Diego are two passionate and powerful voices of Black Lives Matter. They will talk with Sara Jamshidi about the importance of taking the lives of black people in the United States very seriously.



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Yusef Miller

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Katrina Hasan Hamilton

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Hamilton initiative in promoting peace and eradicating institutional racism in schools 

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Interview with Katrina Hasan Hamilton, and Yusef Miller for Peacemindedly Podcast

Quotes from Yusef Miller

‘Racism is a systematic issue, not just in police or court. We need white people to confront racism with us.’ ‘COVID-19 made a difference in making people to be aware of injustice against black people in the U.S.’ ‘ TV and social media showed brutality against black people.’

Quotes from Katrina Hasan Hamilton

[due to discriminatory laws] ‘African American couldn’t buy houses in neighborhoods in San Diego even though they could afford’ ‘We are tired of keep explaining racism to white people.’ ‘Why do we still have strong stereotype against African American.’





YouTube Raw Footage of the Conversation betwee Katrina Hasan Hamilton, and Yusef Miller with Sara Jamshidi