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Introducing First Hijabi TV Broadcast Reporter in the US

Tahera Rahman
photo credit: Quad City Times, Tahera Rahman on the on-air-broadcast program

Tahra Rahaman is the first full-time news reporter to appear on live American television wearing hijab.

In this story, you read:

Tahera Rahman, first full-time hijabi TV reporter in the U.S. appeared on on-air-broadcast last month
The road toward her appearance on TV has been tough
Muslim women and others call her a ‘role model’

This story was originally published on Blasting News.

Tahera made her first debut on Feb. 8, 2018, a date she will forever hold dear to her heart. This day marks her first on-air-broadcast as a journalist for WHBF-TV, a CBS affiliate covering the Quad Cities region in Illinois and Iowa.

 Empowering role model

After her first on-air broadcast, messages of support from Muslims and non-#Muslims around the world started pouring in; people started calling her an empowering role model for women and girls around the world.

People from Iowa were so proud of her and went ahead to invite her into their homes so she could speak to their daughters.

Rahman admits the road has been tough as there were times she wanted to quit but her mother encouraged her to push on. In her email to TODAY Style, she says she has also received some negative feedback, messages, and even threats from different individuals. Her wish is that more people will change their views and begin to accept her for who she is; an American working hard to improve her life and those around her. She is determined to live her dream as a reporter not letting fear and negativity get in the way.

Common misconceptions

Tahera is currently living in Davenport, Iowa and has worked as a producer for WHBF-TV for about two years, but she has always wanted to be in front of the camera fulfilling her dreams of being a reporter.

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